Videos Galore!

We’ve been working hard behind the scenes to collect as much footage as we can of Centennial marching through the years, and we’re assembling it all in a playlist on YouTube. Do you have video from parades or field shows, either on old-fashioned VHS or Super 8 or Camcorder, or already in a digital format online or on your hard drive? We would love to see it and share it with the reunion, so please let us know at

Meanwhile, check out these videos. Maybe you’ll be able to see yourself marching! Note: This is a playlist of 16 videos (at the time of this writing), so make sure to watch them all. In the first video, from the 1982 Grand Floral Parade, Centennial comes on at about 1:35:00. In the second one, from the Grand Floral Parade of 1984, you can find Centennial at about the 1:26:25 mark. After that, the videos are edited to just show CHS.

Video Time: 1986 Portland Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade

Here’s footage from Centennial marching in the Grand Floral Parade in 1986, with bonus coverage of the Rockwood Parade, featuring some great close-ups of some of us–possibly you! (Also features a pretty rad 1980s police car.)

Also, remember tickets are now for sale (and on sale, at $10 off for a limited time!) for the June 9th & 10th reunion. Get yours today, and tell your friends from your marching band days!

Video Time: 1985 Grand Floral Parade. Are You In There?

We have been collecting videos of many marching events over the years, including several Grand Floral Parades. Here is the Centennial High School Awesome Eagle Showband marching in the Portland Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade in 1985. If you were there, can you spot yourself or someone you know “on TV”?

While we have you here, we want to make sure you know tickets are now available on this site for the June 9-10, 2023 marching band reunion, and are $10 off through April 17!