Feeling nostalgic for your time in the Eagle Showband / Awesome Eagle Showband / Centennial High School Marching Band? Want to help bring the 2023 reunion event(s) to life? Well, then, why not become a sponsor?



Sponsorship Levels and Rewards

  • $50: We will recognize you on the Wall of Fame!
  • $150: Wall of Fame + 1 free reunion registration.
  • $300: Wall of Fame + 2 registrations.
  • $500: Wall of Fame + 2 registrations + 1 marching band memories book!
  • $1000+: Wall of Fame + 2 registrations + 1 book + 1 mystery marching band merch package!

How might your donation be used?

  • Reimburse some of the up-front costs of setting up reunion events, the web site, or the book.
  • Offset the production costs of the book in order to lower the cover price.
  • Provide “scholarships” to those who can’t afford a reunion ticket.
  • Maybe bring special guests in from out of state.
  • Upgrade the reunion experience with artwork, videos, etc.


  • Donation is not tax-deductible.
  • Proceeds (after transaction charges) will go toward the reunion event(s) and will help defray the costs associated with setting up such event(s). Funds will be distributed as best needed for a smoothly-run process.
  • When you donate we will add you to our Wall of Fame (list of sponsors) on this site and in the book.
  • If your support level includes one or more free registrations, you can donate them back to the reunion organizers to gift to band alums who might need financial help attending.

Additional information


$50, $150, $300, $500, $1000, $5000, $10000